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2016 Announcement

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Time Table 2016 (updated 08 November 2016)

Academic Calendar 2016 (updated 29 August 2016) 


2017 Announcement

Time Table 2017 (updated 08 November 2016).

New! P1 Paper 2 class - 6C4 - Saturday 4.30pm (priority for existing students).

New! Lower Secondary Writing & Compre class - 7S4 (by invitation only).


Enrolment / Trials FAQ

Enrolment is subject to a successful completion of 4 trial sessions^.

When there is a vacancy, you will be invited to a brief meeting with the principal.

During the meeting, you will be shown our teaching materials and the work of existing students.

The principal will set work expectations. Your child will be assigned a spelling list.

Based on the spelling list, K1 to P2 students are to write the items five times on an exercise book.

In addition, your child will be given a sample essay to copy. 

The objective is to assess your child's work attitude and presentation.

(Spelling to be tested and homework submitted a week later)   

Upon satisfactory submission of work and passing of the spelling test, we will then arrange for the actual trial^.


Waiting Lists 2017

Note : Waiting lists are for K1, K2, P1, P2 and P3 in 2017 only.

To place your child's name in the waiting lists

kindly email the following particulars**

1) Child's Full Name

2) Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)

3) Name of School

4) Level in 2017 

5) Session in School (AM or PM)

6) Contact No.

 with the subject : 'Waiting List for (indicate level) & (Subject) in 2017' to

(**Please ensure all particulars are included.)